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Job searching is a marathon, not a sprint

​The race for talent today is most associated with companies vying for a shrinking pool of skilled professionals. Yet on the other end of the spectrum, the race for the hottest jobs is as intense.

The need to edge past a crowded field of applicants will see you find even more ways to give yourself a head start in the race for your dream job.

Are you ready?

While there are periods of the year where most job seekers slow down their job search, the same cannot be said for businesses today. Over recent years, it is true that many employers have shifted away from the traditional cyclical recruitment process towards a more on-demand process. This means businesses are always on the lookout for great talent. So, take this chance when your competition is resting, torace ahead.

Keeping up with the digital age has become the bare minimum nowadays. HR professionals, recruiters and employers are all online and on LinkedIn trying to fill talent gaps within organisations. Naturally, they will be put off by shoddy LinkedIn profiles which do not tally with a candidate’s resume.

Remember to keep your LinkedIn profile consistent with your resume, as oftentimes companies will look at both your LinkedIn and offline resumes before deciding on interviewing or hiring you.

We might need help or a boost during what could be a tedious period. Don’t be afraid to pass us the baton in the form of your resume. It only takes a few easy steps, start with reaching out to us today!

Our recruitment agencies have a wide network of prospective employers, with our expert consultants able to match your profile to a suitable job opportunity faster than you can keep up yourself.

If you’re adamant on racing solo (which is not advisable), switch on job alerts on different job search engines and job boards to make sure you do not fall behind on any opportunities.

But while you are alerted on numerous job openings, remember to always stay focused by applying for only a few openings on your shortlist. That way, you will keep the finishing line in sight and not deviate off course.

Keep these simple tips in mind and get set on winning the race for your dream job.