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How to find balance and disconnect from work

Due to the current contingency that we are going through, most companies have been working on a teleworking regime to prevent the spread of the virus.

Professional life often takes control of our personal lives, especially working from home. Many of us are thinking about work during our personal time, which can be detrimental to our relationships, health, and well-being.

The balance between work and professional life is possible at a time of teleworking, as long as you have a good organization and time management. A good balance provides greater job satisfaction and productivity.

As such, you must separate working hours from your personal time and set limits. Restrict your working hours (for example, weekends and Monday to Friday after 7pm) and be clear about when it will be available. Unless it is urgent, do not respond to emails during this time.

How to disconnect from work

Get rid of your computer and phone outside of working hours. There is a very fine line between work and free time during a telecommuting period, which we often do not even realize how much time we spend working. Disable email notifications on your phone and get in the habit of responding to emails only during work hours.

Exercise, a good workout helps with stress and increases your endorphins. Start a new routine and you will see that you feel better.

Get yourself a hobby that will help distract yourself from work. Try to do something different, like reading a book or painting.

You can disconnect from work and make the most of your free time to help you have a better balance between work and personal life, thus avoiding stressful living, which will improve your quality of life.