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5 Tips to inspire you to be more productive in 2022

Over the past couple of years, working from home has become the norm for many of us. And many employees want to continue to work virtually for the long term. But if you are new to WFH or you’ve just lost your work get-up-and-go, it can be hard to stay motivated without the structure of the office.

It’s the perfect time to reflect on your working style and what you want to achieve in 2022. Here are 5 tips to help you to become more productive than ever in the new year.

  1. Create a dedicated workspace. According to Forbes, studies show that having a dedicated workspace is important to your ability to focus. If you set aside a specific ‘work’ spot in your home that’s free of distraction, you’re likely to concentrate better. If you have a guest bedroom, consider repurposing it as an office. You could also consider clearing a space at the kitchen counter or dining table for work.

  2. Keep regular work hours. Even if you’re in a position to determine your own schedule, it’s helpful to keep regular work hours to ensure you can communicate with your team effectively. By getting in the habit of going to work at a certain time and working until a set time, you’ll make it easier for yourself to stick to your schedule. Don’t forget to build in time for breaks, fresh air, and exercise as this can boost your overall wellbeing and productivity.

  3. Stay away from personal tasks. The Muse advises that one of the best ways to stay productive is to avoid performing personal tasks during work hours. It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re shopping online or checking your social media accounts — and this can come at the cost of your productivity.

  4. Check in with colleagues. Working from home can be very isolating — but it doesn’t have to be. Find a way to communicate with your team members throughout the day, for example through Slack or Microsoft Teams. It can also be helpful to have a short meeting at the beginning of the day on Zoom or Google Meet where your entire team can get together and discuss your current projects and individual tasks.

  5. Dress professionally. It can be tempting to wear jogging pants or even your pyjamas when you don’t have to go to an office, but dressing casually can also make you feel less inclined to work. By choosing the same types of clothes you would wear in the office, you’re recreating your professional work environment at home. This can help you to stay focused and productive — plus, you’ll always be prepared to hop on a Zoom call!

Working from home became our ‘new normal’ in 2020 and 2021, and 2022 isn’t looking any different. WFH can have huge benefits, including a better work-life balance and waving goodbye to your commute, but it’s important to stay productive. Keep these 5 tips in mind as you head into 2022 to create a homework environment that helps you to achieve your goals and be a valuable member of your team — both of which are great for your career.