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Never leave anyone waiting. Payroll should work.

Why choose us?

Kelly’s Payroll Services allow you to source and retain top talent, ensuring you are compliant and do not carry the liability for pay. This means you can focus on your core business objectives, without the administrative burden of the payroll process. We carry the headcount, liability for pay and compliancy for you.

When you partner with Kelly for your payroll solutions, you receive the most compliant service possible. We have a high level of engagement with all candidates and employees, ensuring every worker is clear on their payroll requirements and clients are across everything they need to know. We offer a dedicated team and account manager to provide guidance and support on-site where required, with a risk-averse attitude that ensures compliance is at the heart of everything we do. As a client, we’ll get to know you and your risks and opportunities, building long-lasting relationships and a tailored, bespoke service that grows as your requirements do.

We know that finding the right candidates is the most important thing for your business, and we make sure that when you do, their payroll is taken care of in an efficient, effective manner. Whether you’re an SME or large organisation, we can offer superior levels of candidate engagement, guidance and solutions.

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