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​Talent is everywhere. You just need to know where to look.

Why choose us?

Temporary staffing is an area very close to our heart at Kelly. Its origins trace back to the 1940s, when William Russell Kelly saw a gap in the market and began providing businesses with trained and qualified staff to fill short and long term positions, in both a temporary and contract capacity.

Our wealth of experience and knowledge in temporary staffing means we can provide your business with talented, capable staff to meet your specific business requirements. We act flexibly and responsively, selecting only the best candidates that match up to your needs. By providing you with staff ready to work when you need them, you can focus more of your attention on day-to-day tasks.

Our candidates span a wide range of industries and skill sets and undertake extensive evaluation and onboarding programmes to ensure they meet your high standards. Our staff undertake extensive industry research to help support the training of our temporary staffing database and ensure we know exactly what you require from them, make us a safe pair of hands for your next resourcing requirement.

Temporary staffing also includes freelance and contract staffing.

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